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New Jersey-based Serco Inc., faces wrongful death suit

While there are so many ways to be on the receiving end of bad luck, nothing is worse than a family member meeting a tragic and unexpected end in a fatal accident. Whether a fatality is caused by an automobile or plane crash, work accident or a defective or dangerous product, the results are often the same. The sudden loss of a family member can send shock waves through an otherwise stable family. Once the funeral process has completed, it may be time to look towards what the future looks like after such a terrible event.

Several families know about tragic death in the family after a New Jersey-based company Serco Inc., is accused of negligence in a airport crash that claimed the lives of 5 men and women in a Cessna Jet. According to reports, Serco Inc, was given the task of air traffic control and was responsible for all jets entering and leaving the landing strip that day. Tragedy struck when the Cessna jet collided in midair with a twin-engine Sabreliner jet while approaching Brown Field Municipal Airport runway.

According to the wrongful death suit, the control tower had communicated with the pilots of both planes prior to the crash. The Sabreliner was cleared to land and was on a jet approach, while the Cessna - cleared to perform touch and go landings and take offs - was flying to the airport on a downwind lag.

The wrongful death suit alleges that the air traffic controllers from Serco failed to maintain a proper, safe distance between the two aircrafts. If this is proven, Serco will have to make retribution for any negligent behaviors that caused the men and women's deaths.

While these deaths were not intentional on Serco or anyone else's behalf, the results are the same. The families will never forget their loved one but a wrongful death suit can really help with the financial outlook long-term. If proven negligent, Serco would be held accountable for the deaths of the five men and women in the jet. While it may seem like a long and arduous task, there are so many reasons that it can be worth the extra effort.

Following a fatal accident, it is important that family member take the time to fully understand the cause of the incident. This could help uncover liability, helping family members place responsibility on a negligent party. This could help them collect compensation for the death of a loved one.

Source:, "Family of QualComm Exec Killed in Plane Crash Files Wrongful Death Suit," Jan. 11, 2016

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