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New Jersey distracted driving behaviors pose risk to safe drivers

Today, people tend to be completely overloaded, thus multi-tasking at any possible moment is often to go to method to get through a busy schedule. Sometimes this even means multi-tasking while behind the wheel. While this is very tempting to do, this is considered an illegal behavior because it can result in a car accident, causing serious injuries to innocent drivers and passengers. While it is understandable how distracted driving may happen, it is still unacceptable driving behavior in New Jersey.

Distracted driving occurs when a driver is performing an activity that could potentially distract a driver, visually, manually or mentally, from the primary task of operating a vehicle. In theory, it can be anything that could take a driver's mental concentration away from the primary task at hand: safely operating a motor vehicle.

A few distracted driving behaviors include but are not limited to: eating while driving, texting and driving or even putting on makeup while driving. These things can distract the driver from their vehicle and other vehicles speeding down New Jersey roads.

When a driver chooses to drive distracted, they run the risk of not only a traffic violation but also possibly causing a car accident. Distracted driving is typically associated with negligent driving, but it could potentially be connected with reckless driving. Reckless driving charges are typically more severe and could potentially mean criminal charges as well as a potential civil suit if injuries were involved. New laws are being enacted everyday in order to combat and prevent distracted driving behaviors.

Awareness is the key factor in preventing distracted driving. If drivers are aware of how dangerous this behavior is, they will likely limit the behavior or eliminate it all together. While not all drivers will heed this philosophy, there are ways for injured parties to place responsibility on the distracted driver. That kind of awareness can mean the world to injured Bridgeport residents.

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