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February 2016 Archives

Freeway driving safety tips for avoiding car accidents

New Jersey is known for its freeways. From traffic jams to famous parkways, the state is filled with more than enough opportunities for local drivers to test their freeway skills. According to AAA, freeway driving is a special type of motoring that demands unique skills. In order to stay safe and avoid the numerous car accidents that afflict New Jersey's freeways every day, it can be a good idea to follow safety suggestions as well as the rules of the road.

Products liability issues merit confident representation

When a person is in an intimidating situation, it can be tremendously helpful to have a strong advocate by one's side. For New Jersey residents who have been harmed by dangerous products, it can be extremely intimidating to have to deal with legal issues on one's own. The experienced attorneys at Marmero & Mammano have the knowledge and capability to take on negligent manufacturers on behalf of injured clients.

Can New Jersey workers' compensation benefits be taxed?

This time of year, taxes are on the to-do lists of many in Camden County. For those who are expecting tax refunds, they are likely planning on either stashing the money away or making a special purchase. For local victims of workplace injuries, though, personal finances can be extremely difficult during tax season and throughout the year.

Small percent of physicians responsible for costly doctor errors

Most New Jersey residents would probably agree that a few bad apples can appear to ruin the whole bunch. This is true in any number of professions, where a relatively small percentage of people can make serious mistakes can prove costly to everybody else. In the medical profession, it is vitally important to be meticulous in one's practice and adhere to the standards of care for one's area of expertise. If not, one can be subject to medical malpractice accusations -- even worse, a patient can be seriously harmed or even inadvertently killed in some situations.