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March 2016 Archives

Hospitals are uniquely conducive to workplace accidents

When a person is injured or ill enough to require hospitalization, they are often treated with the utmost care by doctors, nurses and medical technicians. These same workers, though, are often at risk themselves for common workplace injuries and illnesses. Many times New Jersey residents who work in hospitals find themselves in need of workers' compensation guidance.

Camden County wrongful death attorneys serving grieving families

The death of a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences any person may have. Losing a close family member can have tremendous ramifications, including emotional trauma and long-lasting grief. In addition, a person's sudden death by negligence can add to a tragedy via the fact that the death may have been preventable. Families are likely to feel angry, frustrated and even outraged. In such situations it is very helpful to have a strong and capable ally.

What is New Jersey's statute of limitations for birth injuries?

A birth injury can bring a variety of traumas to a New Jersey family. While countless things can go wrong in the delivery room, most of these don't cause severe injury or permanent damage. Some birth injuries, though, can cause permanent disability or otherwise result in irrevocable medical harm. In such situations, families are likely to be in profound need of compensation for damages. A New Jersey medical malpractice attorney can show a family how such damages can be sought through a medical malpractice suit.

Products liability suit: Over $70 million to victim's family

Scientific evidence regarding the safety of consumer products is usually taken seriously. When the use of certain products is linked to health afflictions, for instance, a product recall may be issued or the product may be reformulated to align with safety standards. At times, though, product manufacturers ignore the evidence that links their product with danger to those who use it. In such situations, products liability litigation is not uncommon and often makes headlines.