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Hospitals are uniquely conducive to workplace accidents

When a person is injured or ill enough to require hospitalization, they are often treated with the utmost care by doctors, nurses and medical technicians. These same workers, though, are often at risk themselves for common workplace injuries and illnesses. Many times New Jersey residents who work in hospitals find themselves in need of workers' compensation guidance.

What makes hospitals so conducive to workplace injury? According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, there are several key factors that make hospitals uniquely accident-prone. These include the fact that many hospital workers, from physicians to technicians, must lift, bend, stoop, reach and carry heavy weight on a routine basis. Moreover, those who lift patients are essentially carrying unpredictable loads which can move of their own accord, placing great stress on the workers' bodies.

The qualities that make a great nurse or tech might also inadvertently lead to injury. Hospital employees are responsible for many patients, all of which must be treated very carefully and many of which are in very fragile conditions. The caring worker who puts a patient first could also be putting additional strain on his or her body without even realizing it. When these same workers are forced to work long hours or take on draining workloads, it's easy to see how accidents can happen.

Another aspect of nursing and hospital work is the sheer diversity of risks faced by such valuable workers. For example, a simple needlestick can lead to a disease or infection. Likewise, the final patient lift at the end of a long shift can lead to damaging back problems that only grow worse over time. It's also not unusual for hospital employees to face violence on the job or employers who demand impossible job performance.

From denied workers' comp claims to workers' comp appeals, a New Jersey workers' compensation attorney can help workers in all industries protect their rights. Getting injured on the job can be disruptive but it doesn't have to be devastating. A workers' comp lawyer can help an injured employee pursue the appropriate benefits they need.

Source: OSHA, "Worker safety in your hospital," accessed March 16, 2016

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