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April 2016 Archives

Vision-related safety concerns with older drivers in New Jersey

In today's society, demographics are changing, and there are countless Americans surviving into old age, both here in New Jersey and across the country. With this aging population comes safety concerns regarding older drivers with whom many of us share the road every day. Unfortunately, car accidents can be caused by a variety of factors but it's not unusual to hear of one -- or to be involved in one -- caused by deficiencies in an aging driver, particularly that person's ability to see and notice what's going on around them.

Nursing home abuse or neglect: Families have options

Placing a family member in a nursing home or group home is almost always a very difficult decision. Families in Camden County may have to make these decisions during what is a stressful time, and selecting the right home is rarely easy, as countless factors are typically taken into account. Even when families have done their due diligence in choosing a safe and comfortable place for their loved one, medical malpractice may still occur.

Products liability recall regarding laptop batteries

Many people in Camden County have laptop computers. Laptops, while often more convenient for those on the go, do have some drawbacks. They need to be charged, they can be easily damaged in transport and occasionally need battery replacements. For some laptop owners, replacing that battery may become an urgent need.

Was New Jersey woman scared to death?

For people with certain medical conditions, a shocking sight or an unfamiliar situation can sometimes cause serious physical effects. Some may suffer hyperventilation or fainting, while others could experience heart attacks or damaging falls. In any event, the results can be both unexpected and tragic. A New Jersey wrongful death attorney can provide legal advice to those affected by such damages.