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Products liability recall regarding laptop batteries

Many people in Camden County have laptop computers. Laptops, while often more convenient for those on the go, do have some drawbacks. They need to be charged, they can be easily damaged in transport and occasionally need battery replacements. For some laptop owners, replacing that battery may become an urgent need.

In recent products liability news, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that certain laptop batteries made by Panasonic have the potential to overheat and even melt or pose a burn threat. The batteries, which are in Toshiba laptops, may be in over 90,000 laptops sold in the U.S. since mid-2011. The CPSC noted that four reports have been received of the batteries becoming overheated and melting; however, no injuries have surfaced so far.

The recall first came to light back in January when Toshiba announced the problem. The laptop manufacturer noted it would replace the batteries at no cost to consumers. Interestingly, laptop batteries have been at the center of product recalls before. Back in 2006, almost ten million Sony-made laptop batteries were at the center of a recall. More recently, an iPhone reportedly exploded on a flight.

Defective products can have serious repercussions for those using them and are unaware of the dangers they pose. Dangerous products such as overheating batteries can seriously injure a consumer. Those who have been harmed by defective consumer products can want to take the facts of their case to a New Jersey products liability attorney. An attorney can examine these facts, in order to determine what type of action is appropriate.

Source: CNNMoney, "Toshiba recalls 100,000 batteries that can melt your laptop," Aaron Smith, April 1, 2016

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