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Was New Jersey woman scared to death?

For people with certain medical conditions, a shocking sight or an unfamiliar situation can sometimes cause serious physical effects. Some may suffer hyperventilation or fainting, while others could experience heart attacks or damaging falls. In any event, the results can be both unexpected and tragic. A New Jersey wrongful death attorney can provide legal advice to those affected by such damages.

The untimely death of a 68-year-old New Jersey woman is at the center of a wrongful death lawsuit filed in Newark Federal Court recently. According to the lawsuit, about a year ago the grandmother had taken a taxi home from a shopping mall, when her driver took an unfamiliar route. The woman then became agitated and hyperventilated. The woman, who suffers from a thyroid condition which may have negatively affected her heart, then jumped out of the cab and into the car of a stranger. The woman's subsequent fatal heart attack is alleged by the suit to have been caused by negligence.

The deceased woman's family has filed a $2.5 million suit against Yellow Cab Co. of Brunswick as well as the driver of the cab, alleging death by negligence. The woman's children have also accused a hospital in New Jersey of not properly addressing their mother's potentially heart-weakening thyroid condition. In a wrongful death case, there may be more than one entity responsible for negligence that culminates in tragedy.

Cases of accidental death are never easy to endure for surviving family members, but there may be legal remedies for wrongful death. An attorney can help a family understand if their death was caused by negligence, who may be at fault, what their legal options are and how they can pursue compensation for their losses.

Source: New York Daily News, "68-year-old New Jersey grandmother literally scared to death by cabbie, new $2.5M lawsuit alleges," John Marzulli, March 15, 2016

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