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May 2016 Archives

The dangers of hospital-acquired infections

Hospital-acquired infections can pose a serious risk to all patients, but particularly those who are already in a vulnerable state of health. Those who have suffered infections due to the negligence of a hospital nurse, doctor or other entity may want to consider their legal options following recovery.

Route 55 in New Jersey: Five deaths so far this year

Residents of the Camden area may have driven along Route 55, a thoroughfare that is increasingly home to numerous tragedies. Earlier this May, a deadly early-morning crash involving multiple vehicles closed the southbound lanes on the highway in the vicinity of Route 42. So far this year, five people, including this most recent victim, have lost their lives to car accidents on this road. For those who have been hurt or suffered serious injuries in New Jersey car accidents, a local personal injury attorney can offer key legal advice.

Can FDA-approved medical devices contain design defects?

Nowadays, many residents of New Jersey are living longer than ever thanks to the help of various medical devices. Whether a device helps a patient's heart or helps a person manage his or her diabetes, these devices may prove lifesaving, in addition to making everyday life much easier for those who need them. However, at times these devices are at the center of products liability controversies that involve danger to patients and consumers.