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Route 55 in New Jersey: Five deaths so far this year

Residents of the Camden area may have driven along Route 55, a thoroughfare that is increasingly home to numerous tragedies. Earlier this May, a deadly early-morning crash involving multiple vehicles closed the southbound lanes on the highway in the vicinity of Route 42. So far this year, five people, including this most recent victim, have lost their lives to car accidents on this road. For those who have been hurt or suffered serious injuries in New Jersey car accidents, a local personal injury attorney can offer key legal advice.

Last month, a 31-year-old man lost his life after his pickup overturned on the famously accident-prone road. In January, an inmate died after a van transporting prisoners ran into a truck on Route 55. According to state police three other individuals were injured in that incident. Also in January, Northbound Route 55 was home to another car accident that claimed a woman's life. This year also saw a former Miss New Jersey lose her life in yet another Route 55 accident.

Across the state, there are various stretches of road that tend to see a lot of accidents. Unfortunately, though, wrecks can happen anywhere. Distracted drivers, drunk drivers and other types of negligent drivers can appear anywhere, and other drivers may simply be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Drivers on Route 55, and other roads known for their many accidents, are wise to exercise caution when traveling in this area. Still, many auto accidents are unavoidable for the non-negligent driver. What can be done for victims of these accidents?

A personal injury attorney may be able to provide car accident victims with advice, which can put their minds at ease. Depending on the situation, a personal injury law firm may perform an investigation in order to find out how an accident really happened and who was at fault. An attorney can also take on the responsibility of communicating with the other party and holding him or her accountable for negligent and damaging actions.

Source: Ocean City Patch, "Another fatal accident on dangerous N.J. road; 5 killed in 2016," Tom Davis, May 6, 2016

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