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Most people would probably agree that their employers generally follow the law and balance the interests of profit with the well-being of workers. However, for workers whose employers are the exceptions to the rule, a work-related illness or accident can be a life-altering experience. A skilled and experienced workers' compensation attorney can help a New Jersey work accident victim get back on their feet with the least amount of upheaval.

Some might assume only a factory worker or construction worker might need a workers' comp attorney. In reality, work accidents are just as diverse as the economy in the Garden State - from office workers' accidents to occupational diseases to work related car and truck accidents, the variety of incidents that can happen on the job is expansive. Consequently, few people are excluded from the need for solid legal help should an accident happen in the workplace.

Why does a work accident victim benefit from an attorney's advice? In many instances the workers' comp process is extremely confusing for the accident victim and loaded with numerous details, unfamiliar terms, strict deadlines, various medical requirements and more. When a person is also suffering from physical pain and anxiety about finances, navigating the process is much more difficult. An accident victim can choose to sit down with a qualified attorney, explain their situation and then let the workers' comp lawyer explain their options, resources and opportunities for benefits.

For the hardworking residents of southern New Jersey and the Philadelphia area, workers' comp representation can be found at the law offices of Marmero & Mammano, PC. These New Jersey workers' compensation lawyers have helped victims of slip-and-fall accidents, OSHA violations, crush accidents and carpal tunnel syndrome in both Jersey and Pennsylvania. The attorneys have efficiently handled initiating claims and securing benefits to confronting insurance companies and denied claims. A free consultation is available for individuals affected by workplace accidents and illness.

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