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Despite safety standards, dangerous toys still slip through

With much attention being paid to the chemicals used in our day to day lives, many parents have wondered about the substances used in their children's toys. Toy safety overall is something that is featured in the news when there is a product recall or a report about potentially dangerous toys that could be in any parent's home or on the shelves of any store. For parents who believe their child may have been adversely affected by dangerous toys, it may be time to speak with a products liability attorney.

The toys one sees on any store shelf in New Jersey are generally subject to many different tests before they hit the market. Still, as those who watch the news are likely aware, product recalls centering on defective consumer products are not unusual. No matter how many safety testing procedures are required by law, it seems risky products can still slip through. In today's market, baby products and children's toys are evolving rapidly to fit the needs of busy parents; consequently it seems doubtful these product recalls will disappear anytime soon.

Every year, about three billion toys are sold in the United States. Federal law typically requires toys sold in the U.S. to be subjected to over 100 different tests to ensure safety. These tests account for not only a toy's parts but also the chemical makeup of the object. In addition, before going up for sale in the U.S., independent but federally-approved testing labs must certify their safety. What about toys manufactured outside the United States, such as toys made in Asia? Toys must meet the safety requirements of the U.S. before they can be legally sold in this country.

For families affected by unsafe toys, it's important to know about these safety standards and how they may have been violated. There are many different ways in which a toy manufacturer, marketer or corporation can be negligent in a manner that has an adverse impact on consumers. From the initial conception of a child's toy to the formation of the final product to the way in which it is marketed, safety must be considered every step of the way; safety cannot simply be added-in at the final stage.

Just this month alone, there have been several consumer product recalls, including one for children's bunk beds and swings made for children's use. A New Jersey product liability attorney can provide assistance to those harmed by defective consumer products.

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