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Media report highlights increasing product recalls

With today's technology, individuals in Camden County might expect that consumer products are safer than ever. While countless products are indeed much safer than they were in the past, product recalls show no signs of slowing down. A recent media report indicates that product recalls are actually rising across most product categories. An experienced products liability legal team may be able to help a consumer adversely affected by defective products.

Interestingly, yearly food product recalls have actually doubled since 2002. Moreover, over 50 million vehicles faced a recall last year -- a figure made even more notable by the fact that the number is more than triple the number of vehicles sold in 2015. Finally, those who think product recalls are a relatively rare phenomenon should take note of the fact that the Consumer Product Safety Commission announces an average of about one recall per day.

What could be behind this rise in recalls? Some point to an increased awareness of the importance of consumer safety, as well as improved quality detection techniques and more stringent rules regarding product safety. Another factor could be the increasingly interconnected nature of modern businesses. In particular, fewer suppliers of a particular product mean that if a recall happens, it affects more and more businesses due to intermingled supply chains. For instance, the ongoing Takata air bag recall involves 14 different carmakers and may even affect nearly one out of every four vehicles on the road in the United States.

Design defects and other flaws in consumer products can have serious repercussions for those who buy them. Regarding the Takata air bags, over ten people have already lost their lives due to the faulty products. From children's toys to automotive products to the foods that New Jersey residents eat every day, there are countless types of products that can be recalled. Those who believe they may have been harmed by a defective product may want to seek legal advice for more information.

Source: The New York Times, "Product recalls rise with better detection and fewer suppliers," Stacy Cowley, May 29, 2016

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