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What if a New Jersey accident victim dies of unrelated causes?

The unexpected death of a family member in New Jersey might be caused by fatal medical errors, fatal motor vehicle accidents, fatal workplace accidents and so on. In any event, the death is likely to be quite shocking due to the accidental nature of the loss.

If the causes of such accidents involve the negligence of another, the victim's loved ones may consider pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit. If a person's death is directly attributed to another person's negligence, the victim or his or her family may want to talk matters over with an experienced legal team to see what their options are.

One question families often have is whether or not they can file a wrongful death suit if their loved one was injured but later died due to unrelated causes. In general, this type of situation is likely to involve a pursuit of a personal injury suit, even though the victim is now deceased. Wrongful death suits are more appropriate for circumstances involving a death or fatal accident that was caused directly by the negligence of a person or entity, such as a drunk driving accident that caused the victim serious and deadly injury. If an accident victim later passes away due to unrelated reasons, a personal injury claim can often still be brought against the negligent party that caused the initial yet non-fatal injury.

Claims brought by decedents' estates can be difficult to navigate for a grieving family. However, not pursuing a claim may mean that a family loses out on needed death benefits during an exceptionally difficult time. Since a family or representative of an estate is likely to have countless questions regarding a wrongful death suit, it can be helpful to get started with the guidance of a New Jersey wrongful death attorney.

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