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July 2016 Archives

Safe bicycle operation may not prevent all accidents

New Jersey has a reputation for being crowded, industrious and its residents always on the go. As a result, it's not surprising that many car accidents occur in the Garden State every year, including numerous tragic collisions between cars and bicycles. Especially in the summertime when the weather is more amenable to riding a bicycle, both drivers and cyclists need to stay safe and be aware of each other's rights to use the road.

Parents of deceased twin newborn sue New Jersey hospital

The birth of a child is usually an exciting and highly-anticipated event for the family. The birth of twins can be doubly exciting, as parents prepare for the joys and challenges of raising two children brought together by a very special bond. A pregnancy involving two or more babies, though, usually must be closely monitored and the chance for complications is often higher than it is for single babies. As a result it's not unusual to hear of medical malpractice incidents involving twins, triplets or even higher numbers of multiples who may not have been cared for properly.

Understanding when there may be liability for a dangerous drug

Dangerous or defective drugs can lead to products liability lawsuits when a dangerous or defective drug has caused harm. Prior to being released into the market for patients and consumers, drugs must be tested according to Federal Drug Administration (FDA) standards. While some drugs are considered unsafe under any circumstances, many do not fall into that category and drug manufacturers are required to warn patients of potential dangers of the drug.

New Jersey workers' comp: getting a second opinion

When a New Jersey resident visits a doctor, he or she generally expects that a licensed physician will offer a sound diagnosis of a medical problem. Still, there are times when patients may need to obtain a second opinion, whether the underlying issue is a complex illness or not knowing what affliction one really has. In any event, second or even third opinions can offer a patient a more comprehensive view of their own medical situation, empowering that individual to make more sound decisions about the course of their treatment.