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Parents of deceased twin newborn sue New Jersey hospital

The birth of a child is usually an exciting and highly-anticipated event for the family. The birth of twins can be doubly exciting, as parents prepare for the joys and challenges of raising two children brought together by a very special bond. A pregnancy involving two or more babies, though, usually must be closely monitored and the chance for complications is often higher than it is for single babies. As a result it's not unusual to hear of medical malpractice incidents involving twins, triplets or even higher numbers of multiples who may not have been cared for properly.

A couple from neighboring Pennsylvania has sued a hospital in New Jersey for medical negligence after the untimely death of one of their twin sons. According to the suit, which names both the hospital and two doctors responsible, the medical staff delivering their second twin failed to take heed of the alarms indicating the baby had a slow heart rate. In addition, the lawsuit claims the staff proceeded to try to deliver the child via a vacuum rather than by cesarean section or a different method. In addition to the physicians named in the suit, four nurses were also named.

According to the father of the now-deceased baby, he could tell immediately that something went wrong during the 2014 delivery. Due to the state of the child at birth, he was transferred to a different hospital where he was on life support for two days. The decision was eventually made to remove the newborn from assisted breathing. Several hours later, the child died.

When a baby is delivered, it can be difficult to determine who, exactly, was responsible if something went wrong. Often a team of medical personnel is tasked with ensuring a safe delivery for both mother and child; as a result, it can be helpful to speak with a licensed medical malpractice attorney about the circumstances surrounding an incident. There may be multiple parties responsible - fortunately for local families, it is possible to hold these parties accountable for injury or death that medical negligence or doctor errors may have caused.

Source:, "Couple sues hospital, doctors for malpractice after twin dies," Greg Wright, July 12, 2016

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