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Overheating fitness tracker gets a product recall

Nowadays, the world of wearable technology is ever-expanding, especially as "fitness trackers" become more popular among people of all ages. In New Jersey and throughout the nation, many people are excited about the prospect of being able to track their every move and easily record their progress toward personal fitness goals. However, as with all consumer products, wearable tech is constantly being improved. Unfortunately, sometimes products liability concerns happen along the way and consumers end up getting hurt.

Recently, Basis, a company owned by Intel, issued a full product recall regarding its Peak watch, an item that a person can wear like a wristwatch in order to track their own fitness. The watch, though, can actually overheat while the person is wearing it, leading to burns or painful blisters on the skin. According to a senior vice president for Intel, it's important that people stop wearing these watches immediately.

Earlier this summer, the company offered consumers full refunds for the watch while they tried to find a solution to the problem. However, no such fix could be found without drastically altering the user's experience, according to the company's website. Consumers are being asked to return their watches for a full refund. In addition, even if consumers do not return the watches, they won't be able to use them as of December 31 of this year. On that date, the Basis Peak service will be shut off and wearers of the watch won't be able to sync data.

While product recalls are usually disappointing to someone who enjoyed a certain product, it's important that consumers follow the advice of a recall so as to avoid injury or evade further injury. Those who have been harmed by manufacturing defects may find it helpful and enlightening to speak to a products liability attorney.

Source: PCWorld, "Intel issues a full recall over Basis Peak fitness watches that may burn you," Gordon Mah Ung, Aug. 3, 2016

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