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Products liability advocates fighting for consumers

It seems as if every day there is a new story about the dangers of certain household products. From dangerous toys marketed to children to food items that have been recalled to auto parts that don't function as they should, it seems as if there is no shortage of potential dangers lurking right in one's home.

What can a person do if they are harmed by dangerous household products? Hopefully, products that are recalled can be removed from the shelves quickly before anyone gets hurt. This is not always the case, though, and those who are hurt by such products usually need a strong and experienced ally in order to confront powerful companies and their lawyers. The legal team at Marmero & Mammano PC have taken on companies whose products have caused harm to local consumers.

A products liability lawsuit can accomplish several objectives: it can allow the harmed party to know their full set of legal options, it can transfer the work of understanding the legal issues to those well-versed in such issues, it can provide a strong legal ally to a vulnerable client and it can deliver results such as compensation for injuries suffered. If such injuries are the result of the negligence of a company, manufacturer or other responsible party, that party can be held accountable in civil court for the harm such negligence has caused. This accountability, in turn, can not only result in compensation for the victim but also help ensure the negligent party does not continue to harm others.

At Marmero & Mammano, the attorneys routinely deal with reticent insurance companies and parties who do not want to admit fault. Whether negotiating or at trial, the attorneys are prepared to employ a host of strategies for getting consumers what they deserve. If a New Jersey resident believes they or a loved one has been harmed by defective products, design defects, dangerous car parts or other consumer goods, they may want to secure the help of an attorney in order to understand their compensation options.

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