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September 2016 Archives

How does the FDA find out about dangerous drugs?

Today, countless New Jersey residents rely on various pharmaceutical drugs to improve their quality of life or even to save their lives. Prescription drugs are vitally important to the health of people in New Jersey and elsewhere, but occasionally people hear about products liability lawsuits and dangerous drugs that could affect people in Camden County and neighboring areas.

The dangers of repetitive stress injuries for professionals

New Jersey is home to many professionals who work in what are often called "white-collar" positions. These jobs typically entail long hours in an office environment, and perhaps frequent travel as well. What may surprise some about these types of jobs is that even white-collar professionals may need workers' compensation for on-the-job injury.

Recent report highlights causes of medical errors

Any New Jersey resident who has recently spent time in a hospital is likely to notice the countless examples of new and innovative technology that serve to make patients better, and to do so in safer and faster ways than in the past. However, it is not just technology that can increase patient safety. According to a recent report, the model of care that a hospital uses can impact patients' lives.

Holding reckless drivers accountable in Camden County

Getting into an automobile accident is something that can range from a complicated hassle to a life-altering or even life-ending tragedy. Unfortunately, even minor car accidents can spur long-term health problems and immediate money woes. Yet another negative aspect of a car accident is dealing with the other driver, particularly if that other party was at fault and won't accept responsibility. While getting in a wreck is sometimes unavoidable due to the actions of other drivers, dealing with such drivers doesn't have to be another headache.

Key patient's rights in New Jersey nursing homes

Before placing a loved one in a nursing home or long-term care facility, New Jersey families are likely to feel a host of different emotions - sadness, confusion, longing for times past and even a feeling of being completely overwhelmed. Finding the right nursing home can be a difficult task, but it's important to know that regardless of which nursing home a family chooses, their loved one has key rights regardless.