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Holding reckless drivers accountable in Camden County

Getting into an automobile accident is something that can range from a complicated hassle to a life-altering or even life-ending tragedy. Unfortunately, even minor car accidents can spur long-term health problems and immediate money woes. Yet another negative aspect of a car accident is dealing with the other driver, particularly if that other party was at fault and won't accept responsibility. While getting in a wreck is sometimes unavoidable due to the actions of other drivers, dealing with such drivers doesn't have to be another headache.

The experienced car accident attorneys at Marmero & Mammano PC have dealt with many different parties to car accidents, from negligent drivers to difficult insurance companies to the attorneys of at-fault drivers. What all of these parties have in common is that often their interests are directly opposed to the interests of the accident victim. Moreover, typically the accident victim is simultaneously dealing with shock, physical pain, emotional confusion and financial worries.

By visiting New Jersey car accident attorneys as soon as possible after getting hit by a negligent driver, an accident victim can place themselves in a more empowered position. The experienced personal injury and wrongful death lawyers can make sure uninsured drivers, reckless teen drivers, drunk drivers and careless truck drivers are held responsible for the damages they have caused. Our website has contains information about our firm, and how we go about handling these kinds of cases.

The team at Marmero & Mammano offers a free case evaluation, so victims have nothing to lose by sharing their story with a member of our firm. If victims decide to proceed, their attorney can formulate a workable plan for obtaining compensation for injuries and not letting the careless or reckless other driver get away with causing damage.

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