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The dangers of repetitive stress injuries for professionals

New Jersey is home to many professionals who work in what are often called "white-collar" positions. These jobs typically entail long hours in an office environment, and perhaps frequent travel as well. What may surprise some about these types of jobs is that even white-collar professionals may need workers' compensation for on-the-job injury.

Some might assume that New Jersey workers' compensation is primarily for those who work in stereotypically risky occupations, such as manufacturing or construction. Indeed, workplace injuries caused by construction accidents do account for a significant portion of workers' compensation claims. However, any type of worker can experience a workplace accident or workplace exposure to a substance that eventually causes illness. Some workers may also experience repetitive stress injuries as a result of their positions.

Movements that are frequently repeated over time can cause an inflammation of the tendons in a worker's body, leading to tendonitis, one of the most common repetitive stress injuries. This type of injury may not start as excruciatingly painful but over the time, the pain can become very strong and interfere with a worker's ability to execute their job duties. In addition to pain, other symptoms of repetitive stress injury include numbness, swelling, sensitivity to temperature, tingling and weakness.

As its name indicates, repetitive stress injury is caused not by a single incident but by an accumulation of repeated movements. If a worker finds himself or herself in this situation, it may be time to speak with a workers' compensation attorney.

Seeking legal help can assist greatly in finding out if one's employer has done their part to follow safety procedures and respect injured workers' rights. To find out more about these rights and workers' compensation benefits for repetitive stress, one can visit an experienced New Jersey workers' compensation attorney.

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