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October 2016 Archives

Obamacare's potential effects on medical malpractice

It seems like everywhere one turns, there is more news about Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act. Many New Jersey residents likely have concerns about the effects the ACA will have on their health insurance or their healthcare in general. When it comes to medical malpractice, few people want to think about what could go wrong while under a doctor's care. Still, it's important to know how changing laws can potentially affect a patient's care.

Important points about workers' compensation in New Jersey

Workers in New Jersey who suffer workplace injuries, a condition or an illness as a result of their employment, must be cognizant of various factors that are important with workers' compensation benefits. Workers who are injured will receive benefits for medical treatment. Also, depending on the level of injury suffered, they will receive temporary total benefits, permanent partial benefits or permanent total benefits. Any issue regarding the workplace injury and who is at fault is irrelevant as New Jersey is a no-fault state. With that, workplace safety or a mistake on the part of the worker does not factor into the equation.

New Jersey trench collapse at center of wrongful death suit

Many New Jersey residents pay for landscaping to be done by another person or a company that sends workers to their home. Commercial landscaping is also big business, and in this line of work, the workers may face dangers that can cause injury or even death. Two years ago, a pair of landscape company employees were killed when the trench that they were working in collapsed. Now, a wrongful death suit has been filed in relation to the deaths.

Wrongful death may be caused by deadly products

In last week's post, the FDA and drug recalls were the focus. In many cases, a drug recall is executed effectively and few consumers or patients are harmed by a dangerous drug. However, at times, product recalls occur only after individuals have been harmed, sometimes severely, by dangerous or deadly products. In fatal situations, surviving family members may need the help of a New Jersey wrongful death attorney.