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Wrongful death may be caused by deadly products

In last week's post, the FDA and drug recalls were the focus. In many cases, a drug recall is executed effectively and few consumers or patients are harmed by a dangerous drug. However, at times, product recalls occur only after individuals have been harmed, sometimes severely, by dangerous or deadly products. In fatal situations, surviving family members may need the help of a New Jersey wrongful death attorney.

From start to finish, a wrongful death case can be emotionally involved and legally complicated. Especially in cases where a death is due to a dangerous product, it can take significant resources to determine who was responsible for a person's untimely passing. However, it is important for negligent individuals, companies and other entities to be held accountable for defective products so that others do not continue to get hurt or even die as a result of this continued negligence.

The experienced wrongful death attorneys at Marmero and Mammano understand the strength and courage it takes for a family to initiate their case. From explaining death benefits to pursuing various types of compensation for damages, our skilled team of civil lawyers can make the process as manageable as possible for a grieving family. In addition, our attorneys can provide answers to all of a family's legal questions, even the ones that are difficult to ask but must get answered.

From fatal motor vehicle accidents to illnesses, the types of potentially deadly harm caused by dangerous products are numerous. An experienced products liability attorney can determine if a family member's death was caused by a harmful product, and can explain to family members what can be done in the face of such preventable tragedy. Our firm's website is a good starting point for people who want more information about a wrongful death case.

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