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December 2016 Archives

Can the police be sued for wrongful death after misconduct?

Over the past year, many prominent news stories have highlighted police misconduct. In several of these high-profile cases, police misconduct is alleged to have resulted in the untimely deaths of individuals who were being questioned by the police. In such situations, New Jersey residents may wonder, is it possible for surviving family members of the deceased to sue the police for wrongful death?

Navigating the process of workers' compensation

Countless Americans across the country work hard every single day so that they can support themselves and the ones they love. While there may be certain dangers associated with a job, no one goes into work on any given day expecting to be injured. Unfortunately, injuries in the workplace do happen and can severely impact one's ability to continue work. Thankfully, however, there are safety nets put in place that help injured workers continue supporting their loved ones. In such tragic situations, workers' compensation can be a major silver lining.

Company issues product recall over 'luminous' candles

This time of year, many people in New Jersey light up their home with fragrant scented candles. These types of products also tend to make great gifts, and many households find themselves with a surplus of candles after the holiday season passes. Lighted candles always need to be treated safely, though, especially in light of products liability recalls.

Variety of situations may culminate in a wrongful death

Many people in New Jersey would likely agree that the death of a loved one is one of the worst things one can experience in life. When this loss is sudden and unexpected, the mental and emotional damage can be agonizing. Added to this is often the financial loss associated with an untimely passing, such as lost wages of a breadwinner or lost income potential of a young adult, not to mention funeral costs and medical bills.

OSHA, bloodborne pathogens and health care workers

Countless New Jersey residents work hard in the health care industry. Their labor allows other people to live safe, healthy lives -- or even to live at all. For health care workers, though, every day can be a new set of challenges. Some of these challenges involve potential exposure to diseases with serious or even deadly results. A workers' compensation attorney can help a victim of occupational disease navigate the legal process of seeking compensation.