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Company issues product recall over 'luminous' candles

This time of year, many people in New Jersey light up their home with fragrant scented candles. These types of products also tend to make great gifts, and many households find themselves with a surplus of candles after the holiday season passes. Lighted candles always need to be treated safely, though, especially in light of products liability recalls.

The popular candle manufacturer Yankee Candle is at the center of a product recall that could affect what some might be buying for the holidays. The candle company is recalling over 30,000 of its candles in their "luminous collection." These candles contain various types of scented wax inside a square-shaped container. Unfortunately, there have been 16 reports that the surrounding glass has cracked after the candle was lit. However, no consumer injuries have been reported despite the potential for laceration from broken glass.

These particular candles were sold both in-store and on the Yankee Candle website from September of this year until last month. The candles cost around $35. Anyone who has one of these items in their home should cease using the product, according to media reports. The company can be contacted for a full refund.

Dangerous household products are no stranger to the holidays, as companies may be in a rush to sell as much as possible. In any event, a household can find itself with a defective product that could eventually or immediately pose a hazard to children, adults, pets or property. A products liability attorney can offer personalized advice to those who have been harmed by defective products, dangerous children's products or malfunctioning medical devices.

Source:, "Product recalls: Your Yankee Candle jar could crack," Lucy Bayly, Dec. 12, 2016

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