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Variety of situations may culminate in a wrongful death

Many people in New Jersey would likely agree that the death of a loved one is one of the worst things one can experience in life. When this loss is sudden and unexpected, the mental and emotional damage can be agonizing. Added to this is often the financial loss associated with an untimely passing, such as lost wages of a breadwinner or lost income potential of a young adult, not to mention funeral costs and medical bills.

Coping with all of this can be enormously difficult, especially during the holidays. If surviving family members are unsure of their legal rights, the entire situation can become even more unbearable. A compassionate wrongful death attorney can help families coping with unanticipated loss and the countless legal questions that arise.

Can we file a lawsuit? What are our options? Can we hold the negligent party accountable? These and numerous other questions can be answered at the law firm of Marmero & Mammano P.C. One thing that many potential clients might not realize about wrongful death is that this legal concept addresses much more than fatal motor vehicle accidents. While there is unfortunately no shortage of deadly car wrecks in New Jersey, a wrongful death suit may also address a fatal drug overdose, nursing home deaths or fatal products liability situations.

What these and many other accidental deaths have in common is that the fatal injuries were ultimately caused by the negligence or recklessness of another. The attorneys at Marmero & Mammano have handled all manner of wrongful death cases and understand the nuances of proving negligence and tracing the causation of fatal injuries. With knowledgeable attorneys by their side, a family can move confidently through the court system knowing their case is in capable hands.

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