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January 2017 Archives

Does workers' comp take the place of a civil lawsuit?

For New Jersey residents who have been hurt on the job, the thought of going through the workers' compensation process is usually an unpleasant one. This is often because the procedures involved tend to be very confusing, especially considering that one is recovering from an unexpected injury and frequently is in physical pain or emotional distress. After getting injured, a person may receive valuable help and legal advice from a workers' compensation attorney.

Product recall takes Twinkies off the shelves

A few weeks into the month of January and many New Jersey residents have made New Year's resolutions regarding weight loss. While some may still be hitting the gym or watching what they eat, some others may have decided to simply eat what they enjoy. Unfortunately, for those who recently purchased packages of certain Twinkies from store shelves, the snack might come with a product liability issue.

Assertive advocacy for victims of construction accidents

When one has a family member who works in certain industries, one of the things they are often told before they head out the door is to be "be careful." While workplace injuries and accidents can happen in any profession, certain occupations are more predisposed to danger on the job. One of these industries is the construction industry.

'High-alert' medications in long-term care facilities

It seems to be common knowledge nowadays that the pharmaceutical industry is a booming one. Most Camden County residents probably take some form of routine prescription medication or know someone who does. Many people may even need their prescriptions to stay alive or avoid serious health events. In a nursing home or hospital setting, prescription drugs are even more apparent as potential lifesavers. Thus, correct administration of these is critical to maintaining the well-being of patients or residents. If dosing errors occur, these crucial mistakes may be a form of medical malpractice.