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Assertive advocacy for victims of construction accidents

When one has a family member who works in certain industries, one of the things they are often told before they head out the door is to be "be careful." While workplace injuries and accidents can happen in any profession, certain occupations are more predisposed to danger on the job. One of these industries is the construction industry.

In New Jersey, many local residents are employed, or have friends and family who are employed, in the construction industry. Aging infrastructure means many opportunities for new workers to become skilled in the often-lucrative construction trades. In any event, safety on the job is critically important for construction workers and their employers.

Unfortunately, it's not unusual for construction workers to experienced on-the-job injuries or even for workplace deaths to occur on a construction site. When these things happen, knowing what to do and what one's legal rights are is key to obtaining compensation for injuries or death benefits. In New Jersey, there are various workers' compensation benefits that may be available to those who have been hurt on the job. In fatal accidents, death benefits may be available to the victim's family. In either case, it can be difficult to figure out what to do and when to do it, especially when also coping with either physical pain or immense grief.

At the law firm of Mammano, Aloi & Mulvihill, PC, experienced legal advocates are ready to take on your workers' compensation case. The workers' comp attorneys at Mammano, Aloi & Mulvihill have been meeting the varied legal needs of South Jersey residents for more than five decades. During this time, they have represented countless local workers, providing them the help they need to get back on their feet after a workplace accident. Construction workers may find their assertive advocacy especially helpful if their employers are uncooperative or even unscrupulous.

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