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February 2017 Archives

Common types of workers' compensation disputes

Suffering an injury while on the job is often the starting point for much confusion for New Jersey workers. The workers' compensation system can be highly frustrating to navigate on one's own, especially if a dispute arises. What are some of the common types of workers' compensation disputes that can occur between a worker and an employer?

New acting chair for U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

With a new U.S. President in place, many of the residents of New Jersey have been eagerly watching the news to see who will be appointed to leadership positions with some of the country's biggest and most powerful agencies. When it comes to product safety, no agency is more important than the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC.) When legal issues involving products liability come up, the rules and regulations put forth by the CPSC are often highly relevant.

Safeguarding the interests of surviving family members

Placing a loved one in a nursing home is generally a difficult decision for any New Jersey family to make. When things go wrong in a nursing home, assisted living facility or other such environment, it can be enormously difficult on the family, particularly if the incident was fatal. A death caused by negligence may be grounds for a wrongful death suit brought forth by surviving family members.

Voluntary standards help prevent defective products

Many locals in New Jersey might assume they would only need a personal injury lawyer if they were to get in an automobile accident. However, residents of Camden County might have dangerous household products sitting in their own homes, which means at some point they may wish to contact a products liability attorney if they are harmed by such a product.