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Common types of workers' compensation disputes

Suffering an injury while on the job is often the starting point for much confusion for New Jersey workers. The workers' compensation system can be highly frustrating to navigate on one's own, especially if a dispute arises. What are some of the common types of workers' compensation disputes that can occur between a worker and an employer?

One common dispute that can come up is whether the injury itself is eligible for New Jersey workers' compensation benefits. Sometimes, these types of issues are not always easy to determine. For instance, is an injured worker eligible for benefits if they were injured while working but not in the actual workplace? Or when driving a company car during the work day? Or while driving their own car while still engaged in work for their employer? These and many other common questions about eligibility and claim compensability can be answered by a New Jersey workers' comp attorney.

Another common dispute is when the employer and the worker, or the worker and the physician, disagree regarding the type of medical treatment needed -- or the extent of such treatment. It is not easy for an injured worker to diagnose themselves, of course, but sometimes doctors and patients don't see eye to eye regarding treatment. Another common dispute is when workers and those who employ them disagree on the payment of temporary benefits.

If a worker in New Jersey who suffered an injury while on-the-job is denied workers' comp, an experienced workers' comp attorney can help. Especially if there is a dispute between the person seeking benefits and his or her employer, it can pay to have legal help. An attorney can also look into health and safety violations in related to an accident as well as occupational diseases and third-party liability.

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