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Voluntary standards help prevent defective products

Many locals in New Jersey might assume they would only need a personal injury lawyer if they were to get in an automobile accident. However, residents of Camden County might have dangerous household products sitting in their own homes, which means at some point they may wish to contact a products liability attorney if they are harmed by such a product.

Many parents are likely to remember how toys were less safe when they were young; this is because safety standards for consumer products, including children's toys, have taken shape over the years and made all types of products safer in general. One of the elements of product safety today is the presence of robust voluntary standards.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, voluntary safety standards are developed as the result of a comprehensive group effort. The groups working together to develop these standards include various standard organizations, such as UL, ASTM and so on. Additional groups include consumer advocates, government agencies and groups representing segments of industry. What these groups have in common is they generally want to avoid products liability issues and thus have a strong interest in making or keeping household products safe to use.

There are numerous industries positively affected by voluntary standards. These include not only children's toys but also baby products, candles, bicycles, garage doors, lawn mowers and even mattresses, just to name a few. If a defective product gets sold in any of these areas, consumer safety could be at risk and someone could end up getting hurt. Fortunately, voluntary standards help ensure this usually doesn't happen. Still, product recalls are not at all uncommon.

If a resident of New Jersey is adversely affected by defective products, it may make a huge difference to consult with an attorney. A products liability lawyer can explain a client's legal rights in an often-confusing situation and aid that person in exploring their options for recovery.

Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission, "Voluntary Standards," accessed Jan. 28, 2016

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