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Helping injured consumers initiate a products liability action

Everyday, residents in New Jersey purchase goods of various types for a wide variety of purposes. While these goods and products make like easier and more efficient, some product pose some risks and problems. This is especially true if a product malfunctions or is defective. A defective product easily turns into a dangerous product, causing serious and even fatal injuries to the consumers that use them.

Whether it is a product that is used daily, such as a vehicle, coffee maker or a cell phone, or a product used sporadically, such as a power tool, vacuum or lawn mower, consumers expect a product to work as expected when used the way it was designed to be used. Unfortunately, even when a product is properly used, a relatively safe consumer good can turn into a deadly one.

The aftermath of being injured by a defective product can be severe. An injured consumer could suffer serious injuries. Additionally, such an event is likely to cause the victim to suffer mental and emotional injuries as well. Therefore, a victim will likely require medical treatment that is multifaceted and designed to treat all the ailments and issues generated by the incident.

Such a situation is likely overwhelming for a victim as well as their loved ones. Not only are they suffering hardships due to the physical, mental and emotional injuries suffered, but also it is likely to cause financial hardships. Medical expenses could be costly, and a victim has likely endured lost wages because he or she took time off work to recover. At Mammano, Aloi & Mulvihill, PC, our experienced attorneys understand how difficult it can be to deal with these hardships. However, our skilled legal team also knows the steps it takes to hold a negligent party accountable for these losses and damages.

To learn more, check out our law firm's products liability website. A products liability claim could help a victim recover the compensation they are entitled to. Additionally, this civil action could hold a negligent manufacturer, designer or retailer liable for their negligence.

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