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Textalyzer may help determine negligent driving

Readers of this blog, as well as those who follow the news, are well-aware of the dangers of distracted driving. In today's technological age, this most often takes the form of texting and driving. Those who take their eyes off the road to look at or send a text can travel several hundred yards without even seeing the road. In that span of time, a driver can veer into oncoming traffic, fail to yield at a crosswalk, or fail to slow for stopped traffic. Sadly, victims of these accidents are often left with serious injuries and extensive damages. Although a personal injury lawsuit could result in the recovery of compensation for their damages, victims do not always have an easy time proving that negligence caused the accident in question.

That may get easier soon, though, if one new device is put into widespread practice. Cellebrite, an Israel-based technology company, has been working to develop what has been referred to as a "textalyzer." As its moniker implies, this device would allow the authorities to check a motorist's phone to determine if they were using it to send text messages prior to a car accident occurring. Some New York legislators have already proposed a bill that would implement the device into state police practice.

The device has many opponents. Some say that the device, which, similar to a breathalyzer, could be used without the cell phone owner's consent, violates constitutional rights. These individuals also voice concerns that the device would give access to cell phone data that is wholly unrelated to the matter at hand. Supporters, though, counter that the device's use would be impliedly consented to when motorists agree to drive with a driver's license. They also point to the fact that the device's developer has only allowed the device to detect usage, and not to collect specific data.

Although this device may be put into use in the future, the fact of the matter is that accidents caused by distracted drivers will continue to occur. When victims suffer harm as a result, they may want to turn to a personal injury attorney to discuss their options.

Source: Yahoo, "New York eyes 'textalyzer' to combat distracted driving," May 14, 2017

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