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Hurt by a negligent driver? Consider acquiring legal help

As has been discussed previously on this blog, distracted driving, including texting and driving, can pose a significant threat to other motorists. In the aftermath of a car accident caused by a distracted driver, a victim can find themselves facing a very difficult life. The physical pain and suffering can be overwhelming, the medical expenses and rehabilitation costs can be unaffordable, and lost wages caused by missed work may leave a victim on uncertain financial footing. The good news is that these victims may be able to recover the compensation they need and deserve by pursuing a personal injury lawsuit.

Succeeding on these claims is not always easy. Why? Because crucial facts can be drawn into question, and evidentiary issues may jeopardize a claim's strength. Additionally, the facts can appear to take a different form depending on the light in which they are presented. This is why it is key for car accident victims to have a strong advocate on their side who can competently handle evidentiary issues, craft compelling legal arguments, and develop a case theory that makes sense and is persuasive.

Not all attorneys are able to do this. It not only takes having the requisite knowledge about the law, the trial rules, and the rules of evidence, but it also requires possessing the skill set and experience necessary to competently approach these legal issues. At Mammano Aloi & Mulvihill PC, our team of dedicated legal professionals possess all of these attributes, which is why we have the record of success that we do.

Our firm treats every claim with the customized approach it deserves, all with the passion and empathy necessary to aggressively advocate for a victim's claim. We work every case not only with the hope that we will be able to impose liability on all negligent parties, but we also hope that we will recover the full extent of our clients' losses. Those who wish to learn more about our firm can peruse our website for more information.

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