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New Jersey doctor at center of wrongful death lawsuit

New Jersey's medical professionals carry a heavy burden. After receiving their extensive education and years of on-the-job experience, they are expected to safely care for the patients to whom they tend. However, everyone knows that mistakes are made, and even preventable medical errors can occur. This is why healthcare professionals carry malpractice insurance. However, simply because New Jersey residents know that these mistakes occur does not mean that they have to accept them. In fact, when a medical error is injurious or fatal, victims or their families should consider pursuing a legal claim in hopes of providing accountability and recovering compensation for their damages.

One man is attempting to do this now after alleged medical malpractice led to the death of his wife. According to the wrongful death lawsuit, the woman, who was in her 30s, had gone to her gynecologist with concerns, including vaginal discharge and the sensation that something was trying to push out of her. For a period of approximately six months, the woman received medical treatment from the doctor and the healthcare provider for which he worked. Despite the extensive treatment she received there, the lawsuit claims the doctor and his employer failed to diagnose her with the cervical cancer that eventually took her life. The lawsuit also alleges that the medical provider failed to inform the woman that the treatment she was receiving could lead to cervical cancer.

The healthcare provider has not responded to reporters who have reached out to it for comment, and the doctor, who is now retired, claims that he doesn't remember the woman. The lawsuit may help refresh his memory, as the evidence that will be presented is sure to be detailed.

Cases like these are nothing short of tragic. Outside the legal framework of such a case, real lives are affected forever. It is with this in mind that the best New Jersey attorneys go to work to fight to impose liability, give families some closure, and recover the compensation they need and deserve to reclaim their financial stability.

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