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How we can help people who have lost loved ones

No family ever wants to hear the news that a loved one has suddenly died in an accident. Nevertheless, these sorts of tragedies happen frequently in the Philadelphia suburbs of Camden County, New Jersey. They can happen in a variety of contexts, such as car accidents.

Of course, when tragedy strikes, no one can completely undo the emotional loss and stress a New Jersey family suffers. But, particularly if the victim was the breadwinner of the family, there is also profound economic loss after a sudden death.

While this is simply one aspect of a difficult situation, in others, it can fairly be said that but for the negligence of another driver, a doctor, a manufacturer or some other responsible party, the victim will still be alive and able to make money for his or her family. It is at this point and in these types of cases, in which our law office can be of valuable assistance to New Jersey families. We help people who have been hurt because of someone else's negligence, and this includes filing a wrongful death cause of action against negligent parties who cause tragic fatalities through their carelessness.

Through our representation in wrongful death cases, we can help spouses and children left behind get compensation for lost wages, funeral expenses and other financial losses they suffered because of their loved one's premature death. Additionally, even though it can bring a person back, we are able to ask for some compensation for the emotional trauma a pain the family had to endure because of the death.

Additionally, through what is called a "survival action," the victim's probate estate can recover compensation for the medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages the victim suffered before he or she died.

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