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The most dangerous jobs in terms of workplace accidents

When residents of Camden County, New Jersey, think of workplace accidents and different types of professions, they may at first picture a construction worker or someone who works in a factory. Indeed, these jobs are dangerous, and the New Jersey residents who work these jobs need to be able to count on workers' compensation benefits when they get hurt at work.

However, construction and industrial jobs are not the only careers that are, statistically speaking, "dangerous." In fact, research shows they may not even be the most dangerous profession a person can take on. To some extent, it depends on how one wants to look at what makes a job dangerous.

For instance, at least in the world of private industry, the construction and manufacturing trades do have a relatively high number of incidents in which an employee has to be away from work because of an injury. However, some types of retail businesses have comparable numbers. For instance, those who work in big box stores that sell furniture have a high number of injuries, as do those who work in grocery stores.

As some may figure, nurses and other medical professionals, especially those who are in charge of moving patients, have a high rate of workplace injuries, particularly if they work in a hospital. Also, those who are involved in the transportation business report a higher number of injuries. One has to keep in mind that, in many cases, a car accident also constitutes a workplace injury if one of the drivers was traveling as part of the job.

New Jersey employees may need workers' compensation benefits at some point in their careers. Many workers across the state are susceptible to suffering a significant work-related injury and when this happens they will need help with medical costs and income replacement.

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