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Woman now facing charges after fatal Camden County crash

A New Jersey woman is now facing charges in connection with a fatal accident that occurred in Camden County earlier this year. The charges include driving under the influence and "death by auto."

According to reports, the woman now facing charges was driving in broad daylight several weeks ago. Her driving attracted the attention of other motorists, and several of them called 911 to report her as a possible drugged or drunk driver. Before police located and stopped her, however, she weaved off the road and hit a pedestrian who was walking along the road, killing him.

Police gave the woman a blood test at the time of the incident, but it apparently took some time for police to get official results back. However, the results did reportedly confirm that the woman who caused the accident had controlled substances in her system at the time of the accident.

This tragic case serves as an important reminder to all New Jersey motorists that they have an obligation not to drive under the influence of controlled substances, even if the substances have been legally prescribed and the person taking them needs them for their health. Someone who does not take care to be sure that their medicines will not affect their driving could wind up facing serious criminal charges, as is the case of this woman.

More importantly, the family of the deceased person could also sue to require the driver or his insurance company to pay compensation for their loss through a wrongful death case. Compensation may include medical bills, funeral expenses and lost income, as well as some additional compensation for the emotional pain and suffering the family no doubt had to endure because of their loss.

Car accidents involving a drunk or drugged driver can be particularly aggravating for an injured person and their family. However, such people should remember that they do have rights after an accident and may be eligible for compensation.

Source:, "Drugged-up driver at fault in fatal cash, authorities say," Amanda Hoover, July 23, 2017

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