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August 2017 Archives

Wrongful death claims allow for compensation when loved ones die

The American legal system recognizes two different types of laws and divides them into separate courts. Generally speaking, the commission of crimes is handled in criminal courts and punished with criminal sanctions, and acts of negligence are handled in civil courts and met with damages based on the conduct of the responsible parties. There are instances, though, where Camden County residents may see a single act of violence or recklessness lead to both civil and criminal claims.

Texting and driving, other distractions cause many car accidents

Distracted driving is a problem in New Jersey and every other state in the country. It happens when a driver engages in an activity that is not necessary for driving and that takes the driver's attention away from the road. Distractions come in many forms, including but not limited to texting and driving, talking on a cellphone while driving, eating and drinking, speaking with passengers, attending to personal grooming and other activities.

Rash of fatal motorcycle accidents plagues Camden County

There has been a string of fatal motorcycle accidents in Camden County recently, all of which have involved motorcycles colliding with another vehicle. If anything, this series of tragedies serves as an important reminder to motorists in South New Jersey to be on the lookout for motorcyclists.

Injuries from dangerous and defective products may be compensable

When Camden County residents purchase goods from their local stores or place online orders for items they desire to own, their motivation to have those particular goods and items may stem from several different sources. They may need the products that they buy for their sustainment or to take care of their daily needs. They may choose to buy certain times in order to try them out or to evaluate if they are something that makes the purchasers' lives better. Or they may simply be items that the purchasers like and that they want to own because they would enjoy them.

Representing victims of nursing home neglect

In a previous post here we discussed what a serious impact nursing home abuse or nursing home neglect can have on a patient in Camden County, New Jersey, as well as that person's family. In addition to the emotional toll these sorts of cases inflict, there can be serious financial costs in terms of medical bills and other expenses, even if the patient is older and is no longer working.

Victims of nursing home negligence can have significant losses

Every year many New Jersey families make the difficult choice to place beloved relatives into nursing and long-term care homes. There are a host reasons that addressing this tough topic is hard on families, from the guilt they may feel over not being able to care for someone they love to the fear that their loved one will not receive the care they need in a residential medical site. Some families may have heard horror stories of nursing home neglect and abuse occurring in the types of facilities they have considered for their loved ones.

The interplay between workers' compensation and disability

Previous posts here have noted that workers in Camden County, New Jersey, who get hurt on the job are usually able to get financial help for medical bills and lost income through New Jersey's workers' compensation system. However, these benefits sometimes do not cover the full extent of a person's losses and, in some situations, do not even adequately compensate a person for lost income.

The difference between negligent misdiagnosis and a mistake

As advanced as medicine has gotten over recent years, many doctors and patients in the Camden area know that it is still sometimes a matter of guesswork. This is not to say that New Jersey doctors make guesses at random as to what ails a patient, but there is just a lot of uncertainty in the process that can mean a doctor is wrong in a diagnosis.