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Injuries from dangerous and defective products may be compensable

When Camden County residents purchase goods from their local stores or place online orders for items they desire to own, their motivation to have those particular goods and items may stem from several different sources. They may need the products that they buy for their sustainment or to take care of their daily needs. They may choose to buy certain times in order to try them out or to evaluate if they are something that makes the purchasers' lives better. Or they may simply be items that the purchasers like and that they want to own because they would enjoy them.

Whether a purchase is a want or a need does not change a person's rights to pursue compensation if that purchase ultimately caused the buyer to suffer some harm. Not every product that is put out into the world is safe. Products that harm consumers and cause them to suffer losses may be addressed through products liability lawsuits.

There are several ways that products can be deemed dangerous and therefore defective. A product could be poorly designed and threaten the health and safety of those individuals who choose to use it in its designed form. A product could also have a manufacturing defect. Products that have these deficiencies do not suffer from design problems, but rather are put together defectively or with defective parts. Products can also be defective if they lack appropriate warnings to inform users of their potential dangers.

Products liability cases can be difficult to pursue, but when they are successful they can provide victims with compensation for the many losses they were forced to incur due to their encounters with dangerous products. The attorneys of Mammano, Aloi & Mulvill, PC, are available to speak with new products liability clients and to help them determine if their cases may be successful if tried in court.

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