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The interplay between workers' compensation and disability

Previous posts here have noted that workers in Camden County, New Jersey, who get hurt on the job are usually able to get financial help for medical bills and lost income through New Jersey's workers' compensation system. However, these benefits sometimes do not cover the full extent of a person's losses and, in some situations, do not even adequately compensate a person for lost income.

Naturally, in these sorts of circumstances, a worker is going to want to look for other sources of compensation. One of these other sources of income is the federal Social Security Disability program.

There is nothing legally stopping a person who is earning workers' compensation to also apply for and receive disability benefits, assuming, of course, that their work-related injury has left them unable to work and they otherwise qualify for disability benefits. However, there is one important catch to this ability to tap in to both types of benefits.

The catch is that a person cannot collect more than 80 percent of former gross monthly income from workers' compensation and disability combined. For example, if a person was making $4,000 a month and was getting $2,000 a month in workers' compensation, then the most that person could expect to receive from Social Security is $1,200, even if the person is otherwise eligible for a higher disability payment. This is because $3,200 is 80 percent of $4,000.

Although there are caps on how much a person can make a month, there is nothing stopping a person from applying for both disability and workers' compensation benefits.

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