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Victims of nursing home negligence can have significant losses

Every year many New Jersey families make the difficult choice to place beloved relatives into nursing and long-term care homes. There are a host reasons that addressing this tough topic is hard on families, from the guilt they may feel over not being able to care for someone they love to the fear that their loved one will not receive the care they need in a residential medical site. Some families may have heard horror stories of nursing home neglect and abuse occurring in the types of facilities they have considered for their loved ones.

It is a sad truth that some residents of nursing homes become victims of preventable injuries and harm. Understaffing, poorly trained employees, facilities in disrepair and medical mistakes are some of the causes of injury and death that afflict nursing home residents; this post will address the scope of damages individuals may experience if they become victims of these atrocities.

Nursing home neglect and abuse victims can often seek compensation for their medical expenses. These can include costs related to past, current and future care if they are reasonable and related to the negligence that gave rise to the claim. They may receive compensation for their pain and suffering which can include that which they have endured and that which they will likely experience in the future. They may also receive compensation for any anguish, sleep problems, and other suffering that result from the neglect or abuse they endured.

Nursing and long-term care homes are intended to provide support for individuals who are medically unable to provide for themselves. However, not every home places the care of its residents in high regard and as a result residents can suffer serious harm. Personal injury attorneys may be consulted by those individuals who believe their loved ones are victims of nursing home neglect or abuse.

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