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The 2 basic types of repetitive motion injuries

A repetitive motion injury can affect almost any part of a Camden, New Jersey worker's body and can strike a person in almost any type of occupation, including those who work in an office environment. For instance, many New Jersey residents have probably heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a type of repetitive motion injury that can affect someone who types all day.

There are two basic types of repetitive motion injuries, "tendonitis" and "bursitis." Either one of these can happen when someone simply repeats the same task over and over again. Not surprisingly, a lot of athletes suffer from these types of injuries, and they also can have a huge impact at people's places of employment.

Although the symptoms of each condition are about the same, tendonitis and bursitis are slightly different medical conditions. Tendons are like strings that connect one's muscles to one's bones; they are necessary for people to be able to move their joints and thus function in daily life. Due to repetitive motion, they can get swollen.

Bursitis, on the other hand, works kind of like a brake pad in a car or padding one finds in other mechanical equipment. It is a sac of fluid that prevents bones from grinding on each other. These fluid sacs can also get swollen.

For both conditions, a person may experience pain which can prove to be quite significant. Swelling, redness and skin which is warm to the touch are also symptoms. In serious cases, these injuries can make it hard to sleep or do normal life activities.

When these sorts of injuries are related to one's work, an employee may be able to file a workers' compensation claim in order to get the treatment he or she needs to correct the condition. Workers' compensation may also be available to replace lost wages should the employee need time off of work.

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