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What are the sorts of hospital mistakes that can prove fatal?

Residents of Camden County go to the hospital assuming that they are there to rest and get better. Unfortunately, just like doctors and other medical professionals, the staff working in hospitals are also human and thus can make mistakes. Even if unintentional, though, preventable medical mistakes in hospitals should not be overlooked, especially since victims or their families will likely need financial help after the mistake.

Not surprisingly, one of the most common forms of hospital negligence entails the spread of serious and even deadly infections, which can spread rapidly even in the supposedly sanitary environment of a hospital. In particular, a staff member's unwashed hands or a nurse who does not insert a catheter correctly can cause a severe infection.

Other common mistakes include not using a ventilator correctly by having the patient lie down flat to breathe with it. This practice can cause a serious medical condition. More generally, people who are in intensive care really need staff who are experienced with that type of nursing and medicine, as even a minor slip can end in the death of a patient.

Another common error is the misadministration of a patient's medicine. Due to a lack of communication or simple carelessness, a hospital patient can easily wind up taking the wrong dose of the right medicine or the wrong medicine altogether. Medication mistakes can lead to an adverse reaction in the patient and can cause serious injuries or even death.

The point is that even if a doctor is doing everything correctly, a hospital and its staff, if it does not exercise reasonable care, can cause serious or even fatal harm to its patients. When this happens, compensation may be available through a wrongful death or medical malpractice lawsuit.

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