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Where to turn after a fatal medical mistake

It is always hard on a Camden County family when their loved one dies while in the hospital, even when the death is totally expected. It can be even harder, though, when a loved one who seems healthy and still in the prime of life goes in to the hospital but, unexpectedly, does not survive.

Of course, any medical procedure involves some risk that something will go wrong even if the doctor and other medical professionals do everything expected and more. However, all too often, these sudden deaths of parents, spouses and children are the result of a doctor's preventable mistake or a medical professional's carelessness. Either way, the death will leave a family emotionally distraught and oftentimes in serious financial trouble.

Especially in the event of such a shock, a New Jersey family might not know where they can turn, particularly when it comes to paying the bills and making up in some way for the loss of income and help that the unexpected death of a loved one leaves in its wake. However, if there is reason to suspect a doctor's error has caused the death, a family has options, and our law office can help.

With over 50 years under belts serving the families of the Camden area, we know how to help families get compensation for lost income, medical bills, funeral expenses, and the emotional pain that is left in the wake of a tragic death. In our experience, our approach of always looking toward trial serves our clients well, even when they are confronted with doctors who are reluctant to admit fault and insurance companies which might not want to pay everything to which a family is entitled.

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