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Woman found dead after wandering away from nursing home

The body of a woman who was in a nursing home across the border from New Jersey was found alongside a road two miles away from the facility. The woman was 77 and had Alzheimer's Disease, a condition that affects one's mental faculties. She had been missing from her nursing home since late August.

According to reports, the woman somehow managed to take off from the nursing home without anyone trying to stop her. Police are continuing to investigate the incident. While the nursing facility has promised to cooperate with authorities as they continue their investigation, it has not admitted fault. The home did offer a reward for the woman's return, and the home's search area also swept a broad region, including parts of Southern New Jersey.

While an autopsy will be conducted on the body, police are not at this time treating the woman's death as suspicious.

Although this blog has focused in the past on bad nursing home practices like infrequent or improper patient care, obviously nursing homes and their personnel need to keep a close eye on their patients. When they do not do so, particularly if the patient has some mental issues, then nursing home deaths like the one here can result. These sorts of death are preventable.

In cases like these, families can and often do file in wrongful death suits to get compensation from the nursing home. Not only is this sometimes financially necessary for the family, it is also a way of holding nursing homes who fall short in their important duties accountable to the law. In this respect, our law office is available to assist families in both Camden County, New Jersey, and the greater Philadelphia area.

Source: NBC 10, "Missing woman with Alzheimer's, 77, found dead miles away from nursing home," Sept. 19, 2017

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