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How partial and temporary disability benefits fuction

A previous post on this blog discussed how Camden, New Jersey, workers who get injured or ill due to their job can in certain circumstances get ongoing workers' compensation benefits. More specifically, these "permanent" benefits are available to workers whose injuries are so severe that they will never be able to return to their old job or, for that matter, any meaningful line of work.

Thankfully, most work-related injuries and illnesses are not going to leave a person permanently out of a job. Still, though, they can be very costly to a New Jersey worker both in terms of medical bills and, especially, time away from work.

As one might expect, the workers' compensation system offers assistance in the form of temporary disability to employees who are just going to be out of commission for a few weeks or even a few months while they recover from their workplace accidents or illnesses.

Generally speaking, the worker will collect 70 percent of his or her average wage over the course of the week. As with other workers' compensation benefits, there is a cap on how much a person can draw overall, so a high wage earner needs to be aware that he or she will have to think about other sources of replacement income should he or she be temporarily out of work.

Temporary benefits will end once the worker either gets back to work or reaches the end point of his or her treatment, which is where a doctor indicates that there is nothing more that can be done to improve the worker's condition. When this happens, and again for certain types of injuries, the workers' compensation program might continue to afford some compensation through partial disability benefits even though the patient has completed treatment and may even be back at work, albeit in a more limited capacity.

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