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Is there any injury I cannot get workers' compensation for?

Camden County, New Jersey residents can rest assured that if they suffer a workplace injury, they will in the vast majority of cases be able to get workers' compensation benefits that will help them cover their lost wages and medical expenses.

As this blog has mentioned before, workers' compensation is a no-fault system, meaning that an injured worker does not need to worry about whether he or she will get benefits should it turn out that he or she was a little careless in doing a job or was otherwise partially responsible for his or her own injuries. The law of New Jersey acknowledges that workers are human and make mistakes, but these mistakes should not mean they get no help after an injury.

Usually, therefore, the biggest question in a contested workers' compensation claim is whether or not the person who got hurt was really at work or on the clock when the injury took place. Assuming he or she was, there are very few things that could prevent a person from getting workers' compensation benefits.

It is important for some New Jersey residents to keep in mind that a business has no obligation to cover its independent contractors, that is, those who are not employees of the company itself but who are hired by the company to perform a specific task. A good example of an independent contractor would be a plumber hired by a business to come in and fix a leaky pipe. The plumber will then get paid for his or her work by the job.

Sometimes, it is hard to know whether an injured worker was an employee or an independent contractor of a business, and, as such, a business may be reluctant to pay benefits. In this sort of situation, the injured worker would likely want to consider getting legal help with seeing his or her claim through to what hopefully will be a good result.

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