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Permanent disability benefits offered in New Jersey

In most cases, workers' compensation benefits in this state help New Jersey workers who get hurt on the job stay on their feet financially while they get back on their feet physically. In other words, workers' compensation covers an injured employee's medical bills and will also cover a portion of their lost wages.

Unfortunately, there are many situations in which a Camden worker has been hurt to such an extent or become so sick, such is in the case of toxic exposure, that he or she is unlikely ever to return to work. In other cases, a person may experience an ongoing disability, but the disability does not entirely prevent a person from working.

In the first type of case, New Jersey affords workers what the law calls "permanent total benefits." What this means is that for 450 weeks, or a little under 8 years, a person will generally collect 70 percent of his or her weekly wage at the time of his or her injury.

There are caps on how much a person can get paid in workers' compensation, however, so high earners need to be aware that even if they get total benefits, it may still amount to a significant pay cut. On the other hand, the good news is that these permanent disability benefits can continue for beyond the 450 weeks in certain circumstances.

The trick is that a New Jersey worker is going to have to demonstrate that, following his or her illness or injury, he or she is not going to be able to find any gainful employment, either at his or her former job or otherwise. While a total disability is assumed if someone has been blinded or lost more than one limb, a worker can prove that he or she is disabled for other reasons as well.

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