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We help injured workers get the right type and amount of payments

As this blog has discussed freely, our law office has successfully represented workers who have had their workers' compensation claims denied outright by an insurance company. We take pride in doing so, as we know that employees in Camden County count on those benefits when they get injured on the job, and it can be financially devastating not to get those benefits after an injury.

However, an outright denial of benefits is not the only thing about the workers' compensation process that can be frustrating. What can also be frustrating is when, for whatever reason, a worker who is permanently injured has a hard time getting total disability benefits to compensate them for their lost income. On a related point, sometimes there can be a disagreement about whether and to what extent a worker is partially disabled and thus entitled to a lower, but still helpful, amount of compensation.

Decisions that do not go the worker's way on these points can have financial consequences similar to an outright denial of a claim. After all, if a worker is hurt and cannot work, or cannot do what he or she used to do, then chances are the worker will not be able to make financial ends meet.

The attorneys at our office know how important it is not only for injured workers in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania to get benefits but also to get the correct amount of benefits. As such, we have used our knowledge of and experience with workers' compensation insurance to get our clients all of the benefits to which they are entitled after a workplace injury.

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